“I want it to be like surfing on raindrops.” ~Doug Coors

Throughout its history, many have seen surfing as more than a sport. It’s an opportunity to harness the waves, relax, and leave daily routines behind, but surfing hasn’t been for everyone…until now.

Wavegarden and Doug Coors, CEO of NLand Surf Park have released plans to build the first public Wavegarden in North America.  After a 15-year journey to discover a wave technology that mimics a perfect break, Coors’s dream is now a reality. The rural property is the size of nine football fields and is located in Austin, Texas.

NLand Surf Park will be the only inland surfing destination in North America for surfers and wave sport enthusiasts from novices to world-class competitors. The lagoon will feature one, four and perfectly tubing six foot waves every 60 seconds with a lengthy surfing experience of 35 seconds per wave. Created in conjunction with the Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden, widely regarded as a leader in wave technology, both companies are dedicated to environmental stewardship in lockstep with ocean surfing. Even in the most challenging drought conditions, the lagoon will be self-sustaining with rainwater. Opening in 2016.

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