Our Story

Niice Stuff began with a vision for helping others. Motivated by our own amazing experience when we adopted our son Stephen at the age of 17, who has brought so much love, joy, and fun to our lives, we created Niice Stuff as a way to share the joy.

Did you know that in this country only 10% of children who get adopted are over the age of 12? At Niice Stuff, our mission is to help more adolescent children like our son find their forever families. And by purchasing any item on this website, you too can be part of this very important mission. For every item you buy, a percentage of the profits will be donated to the Community Partnership for Children.

“Niice” is an acronym that stands for “Nurturing Individuals Inspiring Children Everyday.” This is the heart of Niice Stuff—making the world a better, nicer place each and every day by nurturing the lives of youth everywhere. Thanks for visiting, and we encourage you to check out our products!

Sit back, smile, and explore our website. Who knows—maybe by sharing your chance moments, the Niice brand will become the emblem of your life.

Wouldn’t that be Niice?

– Rosine & Curt McCauley, Founders of Niice Stuff


What is “Niice?”

What is Niice? It is an emphasized version of the word “nice”—an adjective, a modifier of nouns and verbs denoting something pleasing, agreeable, or delightful, or the use of tact, care, or delicacy, or the demonstration of great accuracy, precision, or skill. Niice is all of these things.

Niice captures a wide variety of ideas, positive feelings, situations, and ends. All these descriptions are attractive to everyone’s experience of “Niice.” The literal definitions represent an intellectual response, but our true feelings are much more emotional, more whimsical, as the mood or situation unfolds.

Niice happens by chance.

A hip response to those awe-inspiring moments in life that put a smile on your face such as  the fresh smell of the ocean air….watching dolphins play in the pink glow of sunrise…feeling the warmth of the sand on your bare feet…..gathering seashells and sea glass along the beach…catching that perfect wave….Whoohoo! building an amazing sand castle with the kids…. the peaceful sound of the sea as she laps the shore….the water glistening under a full moon…..

loving, laughing, and making memories to last a lifetime….

These are just a few examples of Niice moments. We experience them in every aspect of our lives! They may be generated accomplishments achieved in our careers, milestones achieved by our kids, random acts of kindness and compassion towards others, celebrating someone else’s achievement, or the wonder of nature.

Niice moments are what memories are made of.

Through much of our lives we have traveled, not searching but exploring. Being sailors, we have learned to enjoy the trip as well as the destination. We now have many Niice memories we carry with us, with many more Niice journeys of discovery ahead.

We realize much of life is ephemeral, which is why we would like to share this logo and our products with the world to remind you of your Niice moments, too!